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(c) Greyson OrlandoSo you have a wiimote. Or maybe, you don’t (no problem, get the old wiimote for $26, or the new one for $35).  You can stick with the older version for now, but the newer will likely be supported longer. Your choice.

The musical wiimote. But I thought wiimote was only for Wii Sports Resort and other Wii games? Nope, it works with a computer using bluetooth, the same technology that allows many wireless devices to connect these days. The wiimote can become a musical instrument with the help of a few simple software programs. The Wiimote Wave has a user-friendly interface with a few simple choices that allow you to make music by waving and moving the wiimote. Button presses alter the sound. Connect multiple wiimotes and have a jam; connect just one for a solo experience that can work on auditory discrimination, arm and hand strength, and smaller motor coordination in the fingers.
Wiimote Wave V2 Screen Shot

Version 2.0 is now out, featuring the following awesome upgrades:

  • support for 4 wiimotes
  • action-activated play rather than button activated (no need to hold the B button down while playing anymore)
  • spatially oriented sound production for a more intuitive instrument
  • The ability to play in any key
  • The addition of three new scales – pentatonic, major, or harmonic minor

So go ahead, “Play that funky music, wii-boy!”

The Wiimote Wave is currently only available for Mac OSX, and requires Osculator to run. You can get a fully functioning trail version of Osculator for free, but your Wiimotes will be disconnected every 5 minutes with a pop-up window that asks you to support the development of the program by purchasing a copy, which is $19-$39.

(Curious about research behind using the wiimote as a musical instrument? Check out this academic research paper from the University of Sussex, or this one from Paris).

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The latest version, 2.0, is now available! Upgrades include:

  • support for up to 4 Wiimotes at a time
  • a new scale (harmonic minor)
  • the ability to choose to play in any key
  • it’s no longer necessary to hold the B key to hear sound. Just wave and play!
  • The sound it creates is spatially oriented, so that up raises the pitch and vise versa, and pointing the wiimote left and right pans the sound from the left to the right speakers. Have fun!

*This software requires a wiimote and Osculator to run.

The Wiimote Wave is currently only available for Mac due to the constraints of Osculator, the necessary software that reads the wiimote data.  Osculator is $40 and can be found here. You can test it out with the unlimited trial version of Osculator until you are ready to purchase. Osculator trial version runs exactly the same as the paid, except it will only let you connect for a few minutes at a time.


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