MaKey MaKey Sampler

Makey Makey Sampler V2

This simple application allows you to trigger sounds with strokes of the typing keyboard. It allows you to drag and drop your own sound files and assign keys for each sample. It is meant to accompany the MaKey MaKey, “an invention kit for the 21st century” as described by its creators, two MIT grads, Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum. This amazing project started as a kickstarter and was fully funded on June 12th, 2012 with over $500,000 pledged out of the original asking amount of $25,000. Please go watch the video! You can purchase one from their website,, for just $50.

Makey Makey

The MaKey MaKey Sampler was originally custom built for a specific need, and was a one-day project. Version 2 adds on some extra functionality: drag and drop support, volume control, and the ability to play up to 10 sounds each individually assigned to a key.

Interface of Makey Makey Sampler


Currently MacOSX only, and 10.12 is the only tested version, but I would imagine 10.10+ should work. Let me know if you find otherwise.

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