About Playsound

The goal at Playsound is to find and create meaningful experiences with technology and make them available to everyone.


Looking for new tools? Browse our in-house applications, or go to the continually updated resources page to find tutorials and information about lots of readily available tools. Check out the blog to be up-to-date on the newest releases and latest developments in the therapeutic technology world. Use the suggestion box, or send an email to let us know what you need for technology!

History and Mission

Playsound was officially started in late 2012, but the idea stemmed long ago from a wide-eyed graduate student who was immersed in two very separate worlds, yet saw distinct connections between them. Music technology was developing at a rapid pace, creating extraordinary apps capable of things we’d only dreamed of less than a decade ago. Music therapy contained a group of highly specialized therapists with a broad spectrum of knowledge about the human condition, able to use music to help a range of needs. Both share one main thing: the unique ability to reach the unreachable.

Founder of Playsound, Kim
Founder of Playsound, Kim

A Word From Kim

At Playsound, my goal is to put technology in the capable hands of the people who dedicate their lives to positively impacting the human condition, and give them the resources they need to use technology to its fullest extent. Here you will find the nerd you’ve always wanted, but better – one who fundamentally understands the difficult jobs of educators and therapists. The invention of new technologies is only laudable if it positively impacts the human condition. It’s not worth it to use technology because it is new, shiny, and exciting, and it’s certainly not worth it if your experience becomes about tangled cords and confusing software. I do my best to make sure technology I develop and find for Playsound is both useful and user-friendly, and helps to accomplish something that without the technology otherwise couldn’t be done.

Some of the applications available I wrote myself; but others have been contributed by a select few media artists and programmers who have similar vision to me and want to share their work for the greater good. Special thanks to Aric Allen, who is the first contributor!

If you believe in the same philosophy and want to share in my mission, please consider a donation, which will help me to continue research and development of new technologies. Your contribution goes towards operating costs, educational events, development of new software and more. Plus, you can donate directly to one particular application, and the profits go straight back to the media artist who developed that program. Thank you in advance!

– Kim