Sound E-Motion

Sound E-Motion

Created by Aric Allen

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This feat of a computer application uses the built-in webcam (or another one, if you don’t have one built in) to track the movements of a person across the screen. It can adjust the view, so you can track just a face or a full body, depending on needs. This is very similar to a soundbeam in end result, but cheaper, and requires no additional hardware (just a computer with a camera!). As you move around the camera’s view, you trigger the blue boxes on the screen, which create a stream of midi sounds based on your movement. You can change the instrument that it plays by clicking on MIDI settings. The interaction of movement triggering sounds can help establish cause and effect, as well as provide a musical outlet to those with very limited movement or muscle control. As an added benefit, you can play an audio background track, perhaps a favorite song, and then change the key of the movement instrument to match, so that you can jam along with your instrument. The program is very robust, the interface user-friendly, and the end result simple, but incredibly useful – not to mention fun! This comes very highly recommended.

Technical Specs:

  • Cross Platform (runs on both Mac or Windows)
  • webcam required

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